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Forever is the nature of tales, and several tales make a life. From weddings to birthdays, to ceremonies, these tales are an integral part of our lives. At Forevertale, we provide you with a platform to share these cherish-able moments with the world of your choice or the world at large.


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is a special platform dedicated to the two special individuals who tie the bond of a lifetime. The platform provides you with an exclusive access to special invitations, countdown calendars, and media platforms that can be customised and shared with your friends & family. The stories are etched forever in the platform, to be updated and shared with your select group anytime in your lifetime.

From the time you sign up on the platform, to your lifetime, your friends & family will never have to miss a single cherish able moment of your life.

Our Services

  • Wedding invitations

  • Countdown

  • Picture and video uploads

  • A unique mailing platform that enables you to customise and share updates with a target group

Forevertail media

Select stories are published on the Forevertale platform where over a million audience witness the matrimony or other special wedding events.

We are a bunch of enthusiasts that believe in the magic of love and memories. Lenses capture the moments, and we make memories picturesque with meticulously edited stories - pictures or videos, Forevertale was born as a platform powered by tech and skill to help our audience capture and spread the petals of memories for a lifetime.

We handpick select wedding films to showcase your stories to the world, and create a chain of love, and inspiration.

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